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Physio sessions - what do they involve?

Treatment times will vary between animals depending on their individual needs and temperaments. 

The average initial session for new clients lasts approximately 1h15m - 1h30m with following sessions lasting 45 minutes - 1 hour. 

Each client will receive a thorough initial assessment that consists of:

1) Static and postural assessment

2) Dynamic assessment

3) Palpation

4) Range of motion assessment

5) Neurological assessment if indicated

Once all assessments have been made the appropriate therapies will be applied.

 To finish up you will be left with tailored rehabilitation exercises to ensure optimal recovery - the more 'homework' you can do, the more achievable goals will be!

Next sessions will usually be booked in advance at the end of each session - time length between sessions is dictated by the progress each animal makes and how the animal feels at each session, some will require up to 2x/weekly to begin with, others may be able to go a fortnight before needing to be seen again, it hugely varies!

Following the session if requested you will also receive a report detailing exactly what was found and the treatments applied.  

After the initial assessment a detailed report will be sent back to your referring vet. 


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