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J & S Cameron

"Today we got a real surprise. We probably had mentioned that M hasn’t been upstairs in the house since November. Today he went up TWICE!!! We couldn’t believe it. It made our day. We can only think this has been down to you, the physio sessions and the exercises we do at home.

We can’t thank you enough Emily. As you said, there was a good chance we would get our dog back. It is certainly looking that way!"

L Cutts & D Stevens - Norfolk Equine Imports

"Very friendly and professional, outlined and explained everything about our horses. With detailed advice and information needed going forward. Many thanks to Emily."



"Emily has helped my dog with his hip dysplasia so much. Seen an improvement and he looks forward to it every week."



"I can highly recommend Regain Physiotherapy. Our 9 year old GSD needed regular Physiotherapy for his arthritis in his hips and for his Degenerative Myelopathy. Emily is extremely professional with great knowledge helping us and our boy manage his condition in the best way."

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